Product Development

Product Development is the process of taking an idea and creating a working product.  Depending upon the product, this may require mechanical design (how it fits, looks, and is used), electronic design (the circuitry inside the product), and/or software design.   Our company specializes in the electronic design and software design of innovative products.

In most cases, a very small microprocessor with memory and the ability to interact with the ourside world is sufficient for adding intelligence.  A self-contained microprocessor/memory/outside-world interaction circuit is commonly called a microcontroller.  Although most people think of the programming for these products as software, in the case of a micrcontroller, it is typically referred to as firmware.

Our company provides firmware development services for companies and individuals who want to create a product.  We’re in the US so it is easy to get in touch with us or have us come in to your workplace for design, software coding, or modifications.

We also provide electronic design as well as layout and creation of circuit boards in addition to our firmware design.  We can write PC based software for interaction with your product as well.  As you can see, we are a one-stop product design shop.

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