iPhone Product Development

iPhone Product Development Description

Take your great idea for an external iPhone product and make it a prototype. An actual iPod/iPhone accessory prototype in your hands is the best proof of concept.

How to Stand Out to Investors

FACT: Venture capitalists and angel investors get pitched ideas all day long. They hear dozens of ideas a day. Our prototypes typically attach to the bottom connector of an iPhone. Investors will plug and unplug the accessory allowing them to instantly make the connection.

Why An iPhone Product Prototype Matters

An actual product prototype that connects to an iPhone or iPod shows them:

  1. It is REAL.  It’s tangible – not a just a Powerpoint promise.
  2. You are further along the iPhone product cycle and closer to a production version.
  3. The designer believes in this product enough that they put their own time, effort and money into a product.
  4. You’re battle hardened. You’ve learned from the development process – has your competition? What if they don’t have a product to show but you do?

When an actual prototype or marketable product crosses their desks, it sets you and your pitch apart. The iPhone product cycle can be split into 2 parts,

  1. The iPhone product development – The physical iPhone accessory and the firmware development needed to talk to the iPhone. Typical parts of iPhone accessory product development include:
    • The electronic design and schematic layout.
    • The circuit board design and layout.
    • iPhone accessory firmware development. In this case, iPhone accessory firmware development needs to include iAP or iPod Accessory Protocol which is the way that Apple identifies and authenticates the hardware as being genuine and passing their requirements.
  2. The iPhone software application development – The App on the iPod or iPhone that talks to the iPhone accessory. iPhone app development for an iPhone or iPod accessory is typically more involved than a standard app because it needs to communicate to an external device.

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